We are again reporting a SCAM against our website Mysleepingtabs.com. As you all know one of our main products is Valium which is made by Martin Dow for Roche. This is top notch and arguably the best valium that we can get at the moment in U.K.

We receive numerous orders and last week we received an order from James Martin (details and address will be shared) for 250 pills for which he paid 175 gbp. The order was delivered diligently without any issues. However, after receiving the parcel JAMES does not want return the parcel for a refund NOR does he want accept that his is legit product that he has utilized. The purpose of this post is to make sure that people that are trying to scam us of funds and product are reported. This buyer, James martin has threatened us and we will also share the screenshot of our whatsapp conversation. We are going to start a series like this and make sure all of these people are reported on our site. We will try to scoop out as much information as possible and post it on our website to get these people feel the heat of their own threats.

Postal Address:

James Martin
4 Knowe street
Scotland: Glasgow

Email Address:

[email protected]

Phone number: