To all our clients and trusting buyers. I am really thankful and grateful to you for making one of U.K’s top supplier of valium and Xanax. I have started this blog page to talk to you guys and to hear from you too. Recently Mysleepingtabs (MST) has been dented by quiet a few issues pertaining to SCAMS that happened with our business. No, we are the good the guys we don’t scam people but we can’t do anything about the banks being closed.

We partnered with DIRA.IO to be able to accept funds in a business bank account, however, after a few transactions the company informed us that the bank account has been put on hold and that it is being investigated. After a week’s time most of the clients were refunded but still there are a few clients who have not received any kind of confirmation regarding any funds from the bank or simply they have not got a refund. In this case, I recommend to call your bank and report the scenario or even go further and report DIRA.IO to any authority that you deem fit.  For more details, I am giving out their details company details: LTD is located at

20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU United Kingdom .

Company Reg no: 11748878

Please note we will be resolving all the non-refunded issues. However it will take time, all pending issues will be resolved within 30 days.

For more information regarding buying or questions about your order email [email protected]