FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mysleepingtabs.com a Legit and reliable online Pharmacy ?

Yes, we are legit and reliable, anything you order from us will be delivered with top notch quality and fastest delivery time. We have over 630 reviews on Trustpilot and a rating of over 4 out of 5. You won’t find a pharmacy that is as good and open with reviews.

Do I require prescription to buy medicines online from you ?

No, we don’t require any prescription from any doctor. You can buy in smaller quantities or in bulk from our website.

Where are you based ?

We are based in the U.K. We manage and send parcels from within U.K. Hence, we are 100 % U.K based online pharmacy.

What is your delivery time ? And do you deliver to U.K ?

We deliver within 3 to 4 working days. We use RoyalMail for parcel deliveries, the time can extend and it is due to RoyalMail deliveries. Since we use royal mail we send shipments to all four corners of the U.K and also EU.

Do you offer pharma grade products ?

Yes, we only sell 100 % USPS standard product made in real pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Mostly we are acquiring from EU and Asia, but we also have U.K branded stock of some sleep and pain medications available.

What payment modes do you accept ?

We accept bank transfer from U.K, EU and USA. Bitcoins, Western Union, Moneygram. And a few other modes such as Paypal for only verified clients that have done more than 5 transactions with us.

Are you related to any other online pharmacies in U.K ?

No, we are not related or owned by any other online pharmacies in the U.K. Mysleepingtabs operates solely, however due to our success many competitors have copied our name and scammed people.

How do I put in an order ?

You will be required to put in the order via our product page for the specific medicine you wish to order. Once you put in an order our team will contact you for confirmation.

How do I contact you ?

You can contact us via Whatsapp on the number given on top of the website. You can contact us via email and online chat as well.