Buy Bulk Valium

We are providing Valium in bulk to our clients from U.K. We are capable of supplying Valium 10mg martin dow manufactured in bulk. Mostly we are supplying loose pills of Roche in plastic sealed bags. Our pricing is extremely efficient and more importantly we can give deliveries of upto 10,000 pills within 3 to 4 days time.


The price depends on how much you are ordering, The price chart gives you quantities and prices.

Quantity                                                  Price

500 pills                                                     £275.00

1000 pills                                                  £400.00

3000 pills                                                  £1000.00

5000 pills                                                  £1,500.00

9000 pills                                                  £3000.00


For more information on pricing and payment terms on bulk orders, please kindly contact us.