Karim-ud-din / ZAKIR HUSSAIN was our client in 2018 and got Indian temazepam 30 mg’s which he was told about. No issues a good deal he liked the product and after 2 years in 2020 he realizes the product wasn’t good and came back claiming that the product was BUNK pills. Now, since we have been able to get German Temazepam 20 mg for the past 1 year now, he wants to get that free.

He is trying to blackmail us by posting reviews on Trustpilot by the name of different people. I will make a list of his reviews cause its just sheer scam. The last review from WENDY was by Karim and I want to take it up with Trustpilot but they have taken our access as we try to sort this on our website, Trustpilot support is a mess and they don’t respond.

Some of the addresses of Karim

2 Walford house Cannon Street road London E111QL
Phone number: 07484706762

32 Burslem Street London E12PL